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We have joined together nine educational campuses, key partners in different industry sectors, experts and academics to offer a unique TVET discovery experience tailored for young talents to gain exceptional insights about new TVET trends, programs and careers.

TVET Discovery Experience comprises Campus Open-Day, Mini-Expos, Workshops and Seminars across ACTVET educational entities on the national territory. Each venue will become the ideal meeting point between learners and Industry partners to demonstrate to students and their parents the jobs opportunities that exist in various sectors connected to TVET programs and qualifications on offer in UAE.

Students will gain a better understanding of the value and importance of these jobs for the UAE workforce, the potential for promotion and salary increments within vocational jobs and the possibilities to advance to higher education and articulation. Participants will have superior networking opportunities with senior professionals and to secure internships, scholarships, jobs and exposure to real-world issues.

The Campus Open-Days across TVET Institutes will raise the learners’ and parents’ awareness on TVET careers and will be the ideal platform to discover the wide range of TVET qualifications and programs on offer in UAE.

The Mini Expos organized as part of the in-campus special events will be an ideal meeting point between learners and Industry partners and their employees to discuss and demonstrate to students and parents the various jobs that exist in fields connected to TVET qualifications.

Benefits of Participating in TVET Innovation Week:
•    Connect with top employers in key industry sectors
•    Gain insight information about TVET qualifications and the wide range of career opportunities
•    Meet with world-class keynote speakers that will bring expertise from different professional sectors
•    An effective opportunity for students to meet high caliber national and international TVET experts
•    Take a tour of the campuses and meet with faculty and alumni to discover the courses and curriculum of TVET programs.