An Emirati student at the Institute of Applied Technology, Obaid Tahnoon, devised a racetrack for cars which can help detect the power of the car's engine and exhaust ratio. It will also determine how environment-friendly the car is in addition to a comprehensive examination of used cars in no more than three minutes.

Tahnoon explained that the initial plan was to create a racetrack for amateurs that could be implemented with the least costs, but he felt that this would not serve the community. For this reason, he decided to convert the idea to inventing a track capable of assessing the efficiency and performance of new and used cars. The use of different types of sensors would help calculate speed and measure the efficiency of the tires, detect the level of pollution produced by the car exhaust, accurately determine the power of the engine, as well as measure the extent of noise caused by the car.

Mr. Bahaa Saleh, a teacher at the Institute of Applied Technology explained that this new track can measure the car's power when going from zero to a speed of 100 km / h, and can measure the exhaust ratio by looking at the level of friction between the tires and track floor.