Marketing Committe  Members:

  • Dr.Hassan
  • Mohamed Abdo
  • Afra Saeed
  • Maryam Al Shamsi
  • Afraa AlGhfeli


Recruitment procedures:

    1. Visiting all target schools for identifying the ATHS and STS schools and required admission papers.
    2. Make internal visits for all schools to take a tour around the school and make a presentation to show different clusters and school rules and policy.
    3. Invite parents (mothers and fathers) for a presentation to show different departments and the future career pathways.
    4. Contacting all the students and parents to answer any question about the school and advise them regarding registering their child.
    5. Contacting school councils for follow up with students for collecting the required documents.
    6. A program during SAPET to give new students opportunities to participate in a revision classes in addition to some practical activities and mold them with school environment.
    7. Checking of Documentation is important in order to make a list of the missing documents so a follow up phone call can be made.
    8. Sending SMS to parents before the admission exam date.
    9. Arrange with schools to send busses on the admission exam day.
    10. Print out posters includes busses schedule and the registered names and send it to all schools for students information.