1                                                    Khalida Yusef Baker- VP Academic



I welcome you on behalf of our caring and dedicated staff and administration to a school campus that is committed to delivering inspirational learning through the use of new technologies. Our vision is to help make the school the foremost and best of its kind, through the maintenance of high standards and the promotion of academic excellence.

At Ajman campus, we have created a learning environment that is contemporary, challenging, and academically sound. For these reasons, the Ajman campus has earned its share of notable achievements.  From winning gold medals at Emirates Skills competitions to having the highest distinction rating among all campuses for the past two years, our students continue to earn top rankings.


Additionally, and most importantly, all our parents are encouraged to become actively involved in their daughter’s education. With parent participation, we will become increasingly successful in all our endeavors.  We welcome your comments, suggestions and solicit your continued support of our school.  We look forward to a very enriching, enjoyable and successful school year.


Best Regards,

Mrs. Khalida Baker

Ajman Girls Academic Vice-Principal