Launched by ACTVET to nationally celebrate the achievements of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET Week is the first event of its kind in the UAE.

UAE TVET Week aims to engage and inform prospective students about the benefits and advances in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), as well to become the national platform for experts, industry and government leaders, policy-makers, researchers and educators to exchange ideas and expertise on future TVET trends.

TVET Week represents a chance for students to discover more about the various career opportunities available in technical and vocational sectors. It also serves to update employers about the technical developments within the education system and therefore the increased capabilities of their future employees.

On 3rd November 2015 the STS/ATHS Ajman Campus celebrated the UAE National Flag Day by flying the national flag in the assembly area. This year’s flag campaign falls under the slogan ‘We are all soldiers of the UAE, each in his field’. In the boys’ section of the school, students designed a 30 foot flag and carried it around the school. All students showed perfect understanding of the Flag Day campaign, which aimed to honor the sacrifices made by UAE Armed Forces. Sheikh Hamdan said that“ This year’s celebration of the UAE flag has great meaning– we have raised it high and proud with our development, distinctiveness and pure sacrifices” The red of the UAE flag is 'watered’ by the blood of the martyrs who gave their lives for justice, truth and peace in the region. Green is representative of the nation’s wise leadership and of citizens building a renaissance. White represents the purity of the UAE and its citizens, and black is the fertility of the land.  

Flag Day 2015



This academic year, as well as in previous years, STS Ajman campus sent a total number of 336 grade 12 students; 139 boys and 197 girls for work placement to 31 different companies and organizations. 12 mentors from the boy’s school and 14 from the girl’s school were sent with students to supervise them in their work placement. The STS work placement program was highlighted in the Emirates Today newspaper, and according to students was very useful. The hands-on knowledge and experience of the work placement program seeks to prepare STS students for work readiness in their chosen career fields.


Ajman School Award ceremony presided over by Principal Mr. Easa Al Marzooqi, recognized 16 companies who supported and participated in the work placement program.

In attendance were 9 of the companies who helped to extend congratulations and honors on the 30 students who achieved high recognition efforts during the work placement program. Mentors for work placement (Ajman School staff members) who accompanied students to the various sites for work, were also recognized for their support and assistance with the program.   Also recognized were students who were top in their class (per cluster), held the highest IELTS scores and had the Best Graduation Project. The ceremony closed with awarding the Best Teacher of the year, Best Administrator, and Counselor effort and support.