The Institute of Applied Technology organized the activities of the seventh session of the exhibition «Career Exploration Week», with the participation of 55 advanced academic and industrial establishments from within and outside the country, all competing to attract the students of «The Applied Technology High Schools» by offering a selection of educational and employment opportunities developed to attract students to work and complete their university studies in various disciplines of engineering and technology required in the labor market.

Dr. Abdullatif Al Shamsi, Managing Director of the Institute of Applied Technology said that the exhibition serves as a bridge of communication between the Institute and the labor market establishments in the country, during which the students review the jobs offered by those establishments, praising the efforts of the various government, industrial and educational institutions to conform with the needs of the labor market, and to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of the young men and women about the career and vocational future waiting for him in upon graduation.

CEW Body

Dr. Al Shamsi pointed out that the exhibition provides instructional information for students of the Applied Technology High Schools about the remarkable vocational and functional opportunities required for the labor market at present and in the future. This ensures that students prepare early to invest these opportunities by attending the required disciplines, especially in the fields of science, engineering and technology.


Al Ittihad Newspapger, 29 January, 2014.